Painting As Is

January 31 – February 24, 2020
Fosdick Nelson Gallery

Curated by Tim Wilson and Heidi Hahn
Beverly Acha, Julia Benjamin, Henry Chapman, Adam Henry, Dana Lok, Stephanie McMahon, James Miller, Bridget Mullen, Alice Tippit, Owen Westberg, Roger White, Tim Wilson

This show brings together a group of artists with a keen interest in the blunt facts of painting. Facts that when deployed can demonstrate a wide range of pictorial languages that stretch across and within both abstraction and representation.

Artist Text:

“Ugly Feelings” (written to accompany the painting Daniel Brewbaker)

What is the right surface to paint on when you want to be rigorous about emotion? In between your passages of color and ink, are you aware that feelings are mixed, sometimes ugly, and the difference between real and false feeling hard to discern? Where did you go to get those feelings and having come from that place, what do you see when you look back at it? Or maybe you never look back.

Are they the ancient stories underneath your marks and drips of paint? Or whose violence, whose beauty, whose myths are you reading? What kind of story do you want to live in? What is the right surface on which to tell that story? Do you ever touch paintings? And if you do, do you do it gently?

What does it mean to remember an artist, now dead, standing by a pool in the summer a few years ago, looking down at the curls of afternoon light on the water? What does it mean to be an artist from start to finish? What does it mean to be thrashed by that water?